Women Of Faith and Wakefield Elementary

Published by Wakefield on Wed, 05/29/2013 - 10:54

Women of Faith is a group of women from different churches that have come together for the common good of families in low social economic communities that need help with various needs such as medicines, utilities, food, clothing, etc.

Each year during the Christmas season we host a charity fundraising dinner at Wakefield Elementary to help families within the school and different communities.

Women of Faith and Wakefield Elementary presented A Christmas for Children Charity Dinner in December.








The dinner helps raise money to provide toy, clothes, food, and even sometimes utility service for families in need.












Many students and their families that attend Wakefield Elementary are recipients.












The guest speaker for the night was Dr. Katherine Mitchell.














Mr. Taylor gave the opening remarks after which Wakefield students sang several Christmas carols lead by Mrs. Melton, Wakefield music teacher.














Catherine Williams preformed a piano solo during the dinning. Kim Romain and Juanita Scroggins preformed two duets.


















The closing remarks were made by Valerie Marks who is the liaison between Wakefield Elementary and Women of Faith.
















Door prizes were distributed several times during the program.











Mr. M. Kelly & Why-Nots Catering, and Lindsay's Bar-b-que donated food for the dinner.














Mrs. Cheryl Gilstrap provided the art work for the stage.









Many Wakefield teachers and parents helped set up the cafeteria and the wrapping of gifts.