Williams Traditional Magnet Studies

Published by jackbgarvey on Wed, 09/04/2013 - 10:21

7301 Evergreen Street
Little Rock AR 72207

Fax: 501-447-7101

Attendance Line:  501-447-7165
Principal: Connie Green

Vice Principal:  Shannon Smith


Enrollment: 505
PTA Presidents: Katrina Owoh & Natasha McElderry
                                                                                      Grade Levels: K-5 

 Williams Traditional Magnet School

Home of the Eagles


Welcome to Williams Traditional Magnet School!  We currently serve 505 students.  Our school is home to five kindergarten classes, four first grade, three second grade classrooms,  four third grade classrooms, and three fourth through fifth grade classrooms.  We have a full-time nurse, a counselor, and dedicated specialists in the areas of Music, Art, PE, Computer Lab, Media, Resource, Math, Literacy, and Curriculum.  Williams Magnet has over fifty staff members that eagerly work with our students daily.     

 Williams is noted for its academic excellence as well as its diverse population, low mobility of students, and high number of tenured teachers.  More than 90% of Williams Traditional Magnet students are currently performing at the proficient and/or advanced levels on the state benchmark exam.  Six of our teachers are Nationally Board Certified.  We are very proud of the hard work and dedication of our students and staff.

While Williams Magnet focuses on academics, we also provide our students with multiple opportunities for extra-curricular and leadership activities. Student Council, Art Club, Choir, Chess Club, Recycling Club, Coding & Photography Club and News Team help keep our students actively engaged throughout the school year.

 Williams Traditional Magnet is a school of choice.  Williams Magnet Studies receives 100% PTA membership participation annually. Parental engagement is always at an all-time high here, and it is always our goal to involve more parents. Williams provides guided tours throughout the school year.