Western Hills Elementary Information Packet

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Western Hills Elementary

Information Packet

  1.  School/Parent Compact
  2. Parent Involvement Opportunities
  3. School Supply List
  4. Calendar of Events
  5. Staff information
  6. Parent Survey
  7. PTA information

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Western Hills Learning Compact         Description: clipart children1.jpg

Student: ______________    Grade__________ Date _____

Parent/Guardian Agreement                                  Signature______________________

I want my child to achieve; therefore, I will strive to do the following:

  • Ensure that my child receives the proper amount of nutrition and sleep daily.
  • See that my child is punctual and attends school regularly.
  • Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline.
  • Establish a time for homework and review it regularly.
  • Provide a quiet well lighted place for study.
  • Encourage my child’s efforts and be available for questions.
  • Stay aware of what my child is learning.
  • Provide books, reading materials, and a library card.
  • Read with my child and let them see me read.
  • Attend school functions and parent conferences.  

Student Agreement                                             Signature__________________________

It is important I work to the best of my ability; therefore, I will strive to do the following:

  • Attend school regularly.
  • Come to school each day with necessary school supplies.
  • Complete and return homework assignments.
  • Observe regular study hours.
  • Conform to class, school, and district rules for conduct.
  • Have a positive attitude and do my best every day.

  Teacher Agreement                              Signature____________________

It is important that students achieve, therefore, I will strive to do the:

  • Be positive in my comments, my encouragement, and presence at all times.
  • Provide appropriate and meaningful homework assignments for students.
  • Provide necessary assistance to parents so that they can help with assignments.
  • Encourage students and parents by providing information about student progress.
  • Use special activities in the class to make learning engaging.

Principal Agreement                                    Signature_ Teresa Richardson

I support this form for all stakeholders; therefore, I will strive to do the following:

  • Be the instructional leader in the building.
  • Ensure a high-quality curriculum and instruction that meets the State’s student academic achievement standards.
  • Provide high expectations for all children, staff members, and parents.
  • Provide an environment that allows for positive communication.
  • Ensure that parents are informed of concerns regarding their child’s education.







Painting a Bright Future for All Students


  1. Attendance is a key factor to helping children to succeed in school.  School starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:35
  2. Parents are encouraged to provide a special place for homework that has little or no distractions.
  3. Communication is very important in any relationship; so make sure you check your Ed-line account weekly and your child’s folder daily.  You are also encouraged to email or call teachers (names and numbers are listed below).
  4. Parents are encouraged to have high academic and behavior expectations for their child.
  5. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to volunteer for field trips, helping struggling students, helping in the classroom, playground and lunchroom.  Please make sure you fill out a VIPs form (you can get this from Ms. Hicks).  This form helps us keep track of our volunteer hours.
  6. Western Hills elementary used LRSD approved Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies programs:  Harcourt








                                   WESTERN HILLS ELEMENTARY SUPPLY LIST




Crayons (16 pack) (4 boxes sent on the first day of school should last entire year)

Pencils-2 pack of 10

Bank Bag or Large Pencil Bag*-No Pencil boxes

2 Glue stick pack of 4-6

2 pink erasers

FISKER scissors (blunt)

2 Primary Journal K-2 by Mead Early Creative story tablet

1 24oz box of Crayola Crayons (ART)

Optional Supplies

2-Boxes of Kleenex

Optional Supplies-Boys

Antibacterial Wipes-Clorox wipes

Pack of brown or white lunch sacks

Optional Supplies-Girls

Antibacterial Wipes-Clorox wipes

Ziploc bags-1 box

*Please write your child’s name on all items.

*Please send a change of uniform clothes, sock and underwear (place in Ziploc gallon size bag with your child’s name on it).

First Grade

6 B Tablets from Knowledge Tree

4 boxes of 16 count crayons ONLY (no larger)

4 12 pack of no. 2 pencils

2 large erasers (no cap erasers)

1 bottle of glue (no glue sticks)

1 pair of scissors

1 Primary Journal K-2 by Mead Early Creative story tablet (blank on top and lines on bottom)

2 black and white marble composition journals (wide ruled)

4 blue pocket folders (no prongs)

4 boxes of Kleenex

1 24oz box of Crayola Crayons (ART)

GIRLS- large hand sanitizer

BOYS- antibacterial wipes



Second Grade

3 glue sticks (No bottles)

2 large erasers (No cap erasers, please)

1 pair of round tip scissors, labeled, no plastic blades

16 count regular crayons

1 regular sized school box

3 boxes of Kleenex

2 wide-ruled composition book (not a spiral notebook)

1 package of 100 sheets, wide-ruled loose notebook paper

1 roll of masking tape any width (ART)

2 folders with 3 w/prongs and 2 w/pockets (red, green, blue, or yellow: No plastic or designs)

2 packages #2 pencils (yellow, No recycled/mechanical pencils-these do not need to be labeled, we share them as whole classes)

Boys-1 box of sandwich sized Ziploc bags

1 small container of Clorox wipes

Girls-1 box of Quart sized Ziploc bags

1 small container of Clorox wipes

Third Grade

3 packages of wide rule paper (200 ct)

1 pack of highlighters

3 packs of No. 2 pencils

1 pack of crayons

1 pack of washable markers

4 Composition notebooks

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 bottle of glue

1 pair of scissors/ 1 pencil box

2G Flash drive*

1 two pocket folder

1 bottle of hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial soap

Daily agenda* (purchased here at the school)

1 pink eraser

2 glue sticks (ART)

Fourth Grade

2 pocket folders with prongs

2 composition books

2 packs of filler paper

Crayola Crayons


1 Glue stick 

2 Glue Sticks for (ART)

Pencil pouch*

Daily Agenda*

2 boxes of Kleenex

Antibacterial Clorox Wipes

2G Flash Drive*

Fifth Grade

30 # 2 pencils

1 pair scissors

1 box washable markers

4 composition notebooks

6 glue sticks

1 pkg. WIDE rule loose-leaf paper (200 sheets)

1 large backpack-no wheels

1 large pink eraser

Black, Blue & Red NO click pens

1 box of Colored Pencils

2 Fine Tip Black Sharpie Markers (ART)

Daily Agenda*

2G Flash Drive*

4 boxes Kleenex


*Pencil pouches, flash drives & daily agendas will be on sale during check-in on August 3-4








PRINCIPAL RICHARDSON         TERESA                                 OFFICE                      7-6900


SECRETARY           WELLS                       LISA                           OFFICE                      7-6903


NURSE                      LOWERY       NANCY                     HEALTH ROOM                   7-6905



PRE-K                 WEBB                                    VICKI                                    6                                    7-6937

PRE-3                       NOBERT                    KRISTA                     3                      7-6949   


K                     MADISON                 ZORA                         1                                              7-6929

                        CUNNIGHAM                      JOAN              2                                  7-6928


1ST                   CLARK                                  ROSE              24                                7-6930

                        BLOCKETT               HEATHER                 25                                            7-6934


2ND                   BRASHEARS                        SHARON                   15                                            7-6947

                        HOLCOMB                LEOTA                       16                                7-6932


3RD                   MONTGOMERY       SITA                           18                                7-6946

                        WARREN                  SHARON                   17                                7-6936


4TH                  CORBALLIS             CLETA                       7                                  7-6920

5TH                                                                                          10                                7-6931

                        WIRZFIELD              KATHY                      9                                  7-6925


SPED              LEACH                      LEONARD                4                                  7-6916               


COUNSELOR                      BROOKS       ANDREA                   22                                7-6904

MUSIC                                   BUEHLING   CINDY                       19                                7-6911

RESOURCE                         CARLIN         JENNIFER                 13                                7-6918

LITERACY CO                   COLEMAN    CATHY                      12                                7-6927

SPEECH                                COX               STACEY                    29                                7-6942

CASE MANAGER  JACKSON      LETOREE                              22                                7-6945

OT                              RICKFORD   SHELBY                                8                                  7-6921

PE                               LEATON        JUSTIN                                   5                                  7-6933

THERAPIST             SPRADLIN    ERIN                                      20                                7-6922

ART                           BURNS          SARA                                     5                                  7-6990


MEDIA SPEC           TAYLOR                    KRISTY                     28                    7-6906

MATH CO                 PEDRO                       KELLEY                    28                    7-6935

ETC/GT                     WEST             MAPLE                                  14                    7-6919

READING                 SWIFT                        AMANDA                  12                    7-6927

CAFTERIA               RUSS              ROXIE                                   KITCHEN      7-6907

COMPUTER LAB   HORTON       SWAYZINE                           11                    7-6926

HEAD CUSTODIAN           JACKSON      CURTIS                                              7-6908

INSTR. AIDE                       DOUGLASS  SANDY                                              7-6912

INSTR. AIDE                       HICKS                        MARY                                    7-6924

PRE K AIDE                        CROCKETT   LEFEATHER                         6                      7-6937

PRE 3 AIDE              JONES                        MONTOYA               3                      7-6949

SELF CONT AIDE  BATCHELOR            SHANTA                    4                      7-6916

LOUNGE                                                                                                                  7-6939

CONFERENCE ROOM                                                                                          7-6938                                                               

Staff email address: first name.last name @lrsd.org














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Calendar of Events 2015-16

  1. Teachers and specialists will hold two (2) state mandated parent conferences a year, one per semester, with each parent of every student.  The Little Rock School District has designated October 19 and February 15 as Parent Conference Days. Schools will not be in session in order to allow parents and teachers to meet. Parents will receive scores, student work and a summary of interventions being used to assist the child in reaching his/her achievement goals (AIPs and IRIs).


  1. Western Hills Staff will encourage parents to participate in different roles and activities to increase their involvement and support of all student learning:
    • Title I Meeting August 14 @ 6:00 (Teresa Richardson) 447-6900)
    • Open House August 14 @ 6:46-7:30 (Teresa Richardson) 447-6900)
    • ASCIP and Parent Involvement Plan Review-September 1
    • Math and Literacy Night-TBA
    • National Night Out on Crime-October 6
    • Fall Festival-October 30
    • Dogs for Dads and Dudes –November 20 (Brandi Smith/Davison 447-6900)
    • Grandparents’ Day – September 11 (Kristy Taylor 447-6906)
    • Bahama Mama-May 5 (Brandi Smith/Davison 447-6900)
    • General PTA Meetings – September, December, February and May (Brandi Smith/Davison 447-6900)


Scan and take our Parent Survey!



Parent Facilitator





Western Hills Elementary PTA

Action Team

Brandi Davison-Smith-PTA President


Jennifer Kaufmann-Fundraiser

La’Gena Shelton-Treasurer

Malissa Jackson-Secretary

Yanitra Perkins-Membership

Rosie Clark-Teacher Rep.

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Parent Facilitator 2015-16


Zora Madison-Kindergarten teacher

Room 1




You can give me a call or an email if you have questions or need information to help you or your child.