Wakefield Home

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75 Westminister Drive
Little Rock AR 72209


Fax: 501-447-6601

Principal: Les Taylor

Enrollment: 593

PTA President: Lacia Piggie

Grade Levels: Pre-K-5


Literacy Coach:

The Literacy Coach works to support comprehensive literacy in all grades. Comprehensive literacy is a research based approach to meeting the needs of all students through whole and small group instruction. The literacy coach collaborates with each grade level to provide support in reading and writing through on site professional development.

Computer Lab:

The Computer Lab houses 30 computers with access to Accelerated Reader, keyboarding, and the internet. Our lab now includes a 28 iPad cart for critical thinking and problem solving. 

Accelerated Reader program:The Accelerated Reader program is a computer based literature program. Children read books and then test on comprehension. Students receive incentives to encourage reading for comprehension, vocabulary skills, and enjoyment.

Children International:

Wakefield is a partner with the Children International program through the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Children International provides countless hours of volunteering along with support to the children and families at Wakefield. Children International provides school supplies, backpacks, medical and dental screenings, birthday presents, Christmas gifts, and shoes.


All K-2nd grade teachers are ELLA trained and 3rd-5th grade teachers are Effective Literacy trained. All twenty-six classroom teachers as well as several non-classroom teachers are ESL endorsed or ESL trained.


Each classroom has three-five computers for access to  Accelerated Reader, and the internet. In addition to classroom computers, each classroom has a SMARTboard and a set of SMART responders.  SMART responders are a wirelss remote that students use to let teachers know exactly how much they are learning during a particular lesson. 

Future Smiles Dental Clinic:

Wakefield Elementary is the only school in Arkansas and one of the few in the nation that has a dental clinic with a full time dentist. The Future Smiles Dental Clinic is a partnership among several organizations and serves the dental needs of Wakefield Elementary students as well as students in five other Little Rock School District elementary schools.


Breakfast In The Classroom: Breakfast in the Classroom is a program that provides breakfast to all students free of charge in the classroom each day.  A nutrious breakfast helps to start a 


Wakefield Elementary School was built in the summer of 1959. The school was named for the village in which the school was located. The peak enrollment for Wakefield was 828 in 1970.

A fire in the summer of 2002 destroyed the main building. A state-of-the-art facility reopened on the same site in the fall of 2004.


Light blue, blue, yellow, pink, or white shirts. Khaki or navy skirts/pants are acceptable.



Partners in Education:



  • UALR Children International
  • Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church


Attendance, Schedule, Grades, Classwork & Report Cards
Home Access Center
Web tool web-based tool that allows parents/guardians to monitor your child's attendance, schedule, grades, and classwork.  This includes access to interim progress and report cards.  Requires an Internet connection. 

Emergency School Closures
AMI - Inclement Weather Alternative Home Learning Activities