Published by Booker on Wed, 06/26/2013 - 13:11

Booker Arts Magnet Superheroes Are Ready to Take On the Benchmark Exam


Booker Superheroes are prepared with steps and strategies to confidently pursue the Benchmark Exam!!! At their Superhero Benchmark Kick-off Assembly on Friday, April 1st, they received a special visit from some very special Superheroes!


Super Craig O’Neill and Dynamic Dawn Scott, from Today’s THV Channel 11, flew in to encourage Booker Super Students! Super Craig’s special tips to rest, follow instructions, and pay attention were right on time. Dynamic Dawn’s wand zapped zeroes and changed them to fours for advanced scores on the Benchmark Exam!!!


Dr. Data Carson, Booker’s Superhero Principal, shared her words of encouragement to assist students in focusing on being serious students as they take the test.


A skit performed by Booker's faculty members, along with Ready Reader and Wow Writer, joined Zero to help him feel like a hero. In the end, Zero felt like a Superhero again after some special Booker teachers taught him Reading, Writing, and Math steps and strategies for success on the Benchmark Exam. The entire


Booker family of Superheroes concluded their kickoff Assembly with an exciting song called, “Benchmark Game On.”  Booker Superheroes are ready to take on the Benchmark Exam!!!