Pulaski Heights Middle School

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401 North Pine Street
Little Rock AR 72205

Fax: 501-447-3201
Principal: Darryl Powell 
Enrollment: 826
PTSA President: 
Sheila Mckinnins
Grade Levels: 6-8 

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 Welcome to Pulaski Heights Middle School! 

Thank you for your interest in Pulaski Heights Middle School. Our school motto is Staying on Top: Striving for Perfection. The rich traditions of excellence and achievement will continue to occur at Pulaski Heights as we work collaboratively for the benefit of each Pulaski Heights student. As the instructional leader of this school, I am committed to working with all stakeholders; parents, students, teachers, and LRSD district officials, to collectively determine a course of action that will best provide a safe and secure learning environment for each student.

At Pulaski Heights students are exposed to engaged classrooms with challenging activities and stimulating curriculum. Parents are valued and included in school related initiatives and decisions. Teachers are provided with the resources and support they require to best serve the needs of all students. Pulaski Heights Middle School has the order and structure necessary to afford teachers and students the ability to perform at high levels. At Pulaski Heights Middle School, we recognize that the life and success of each student is paramount and that failure is not an option. To this end, we have established five areas of focus:                

  • Establishing a school culture where all stakeholders feel valued and part of the school family.
  • Reaffirming that student achievement for all students is the purpose and goal of the school.
  • Establishing a school climate where students recognize their daily responsibilities.
  • Creating and maintaining appropriate school appearance by providing the best environment possible for learning.
  • Providing the customer service inherently present in an exceptional school.

Pulaski Heights Middle School offers diverse academic experiences that will prepare students for future higher learning. Honors classes are currently offered in English and Math. Students are selected to Honors classes through their satisfaction of various criteria. Honors students experience high achieving instruction and activities that are designed to challenge them beyond grade-level concepts. Pre-Advanced Placement (PAP) classes provide students with highly engaged critical thinking activities which will prepare them for problem solving roles in the future. Students enrolled in Algebra I classes receive high school credit and transition to more challenging mathematics courses in high school. The foreign language department of PHMS sponsors annual trips to Paris and Puerto Rico where students gain a more global culture and historical perspective. Pulaski Heights offers a wide range of elective courses such as Planet Earth, EAST Lab, Band, Dance, Gifted & Talented Seminar, Imagination Zone, and Fantasy and Futuristic Fiction to accommodate our students’ wide range of interest.

Students who transition from PHMS to high school are properly prepared for the rigorous level of instruction. Pulaski Heights Middle School is a feeder school to Little Rock Central High School. There our former students continue their advanced levels of academic success. Thirteen former PHMS students have become National Merit Scholars in the past three years. Countless others have received scholarships from in state and out of state universities. Former PHMS students have excelled in the medical, legal, and educational professions, as well as become business and civic leaders across the country.

That’s the Pulaski Heights Middle School Way!  Staying on Top: Striving for Perfection! 

 Darryl J. Powell, Principal

 Pulaski Heights Middle School



Uniforms: Not Required 

Partners in Education:

  • H.A.M. – Hillcrest Artesian Meats
  • All Aboard Restaurant and Grille
  • Brighton Collectibles
  • Chick-Fil-A – (Markham)
  • Aspire Realty
  • Hocott Nursery
  • UALR College of Education EAST Lab
  • Hillcrest Merchants' Association and Hillcrest Residents Association
  • Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids (P.A.R.K.)
  • Arkansas Department of Health
  • UAMS
  • Little Rock Chamber of Commerce


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