Pinnacle View Middle School

Photo shows outside view of Pinnacle View Middle School
5701 Ranch Drive
Little Rock, AR 72223

  • Telephone: 501-447-8500
  • Fax: 501-447-8501
  • Principal: Dr. Jay Pickering
  • Principal Email:
  • Enrollment: 520
  • Grade Levels: 2017 Grades 6-7
  • 2018 Grades 6-8


Principal's Message and School Supply List

9th grade course selection sheet

Dear Parents and Students:

As the building principal for Pinnacle View Middle School, I feel it is extremely important to gain data from stakeholders on the electives offered to the 6th, 7th and 8th graders next year. The following is a brief survey to gain facts to help me structure a liberal arts education that will meet the needs and interests of the students. Please be mindful that there are several required classes students must be enrolled in to meet state standards. Also, this is just one of many components allowing me to gather data. Not all elective classes listed below will be offered.  Descriptions of these courses are attached to give you more clarity on your ranking. 

Please click on the link below to complete a very quick survey.

Open Enrollment Flyer

Dr. Jay Pickering, Principal

Partners in Education

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Attendance, Schedule, Grades, Classwork & Report Cards
Home Access Center
Web tool web-based tool that allows parents/guardians to monitor your child's attendance, schedule, grades, and classwork.  This includes access to interim progress and report cards.  Requires an Internet connection. 

Emergency School Closures
AMI - Inclement Weather Alternative Home Learning Activities