McClellan High School

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  9417 Geyer Springs Road                                                          
  Little Rock AR 72209                                  

Fax: 501-447-2101                                      
Principal: Antony Hobbs  
 Enrollment: 864                                      

 PTA President: Ciaira Cole
 Grade Levels: 9-12 

McClellan High School is dedicated to ensuring that every student succeeds. Each department at the school has put things in place to ensure that this success happens.

In the Math department math teachers are also utilizing interactive notebooks to help students understand complex material. Students are also using technology in the classroom to prepare them for the 21st Century.

The Science Department is using NewsELA and Step up to Writing strategies to incorporate reading in their content area. Science teachers are providing hands on labs and activities to allow student to experience scientific experiments. Daily ACT and AP test preparation activities are incorporated in curriculum. In Computer Science class, students are learning to code.

The English department has been administering MAP/NWEA and Reading Inventory tests. The English department has been using technology in the classroom through programs like NewsELA and a new online textbook. English teachers are addressing writing and critical analysis, as well as using a multitude of different reading strategies.

The Social Studies department has been utilizing the Arkansas Anchor Standards for reading. They are using technology, and students have been completing project-based learning opportunities. The social studies department have been using the AVID strategies for focused note-taking, and they are also using NewsELA in the classroom.

The Health department of McClellan has put programs in place to get students moving. One of the programs is the “Walk and Talk” program. Students are required to walk for at least 15 minutes during class time. Students have also had their height and weight calculated to show them their current BMIs.

The Special Education department has been giving their students the MAP/NWEA tests to determine lexile scores. CBI has a new district wide curriculum that they are excited to put into place. Teachers are using Read 180 and Systems 44 to help rise students’ reading levels. They are also reading aloud with their students to help build fluency.

AVID has been sending teachers to trainings within the district. Teachers that are trained are learning AVID strategies -such as critical reading and note-taking- that can, then, be used in the classroom. Seniors within the AVID program have been applying to and are getting accepted into 4-year colleges. The AVID program also plans college visits, which introduces students to different colleges.

The CTE department has a lot of programs in place to help students succeed. The department offers the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification which offers students a chance to earn up to 21 hours of college credit before leaving high school. The department also has a functioning bank on campus. The JAG and Marketing programs are exposing students to the workforce. Students are learning to balance work with student life. An HBCU fair is held every December which allows students to meet with representatives from HBCUs across the country.

Creating Excellence for Tomorrow!
Partners in Education:
Cameron Valves & Measurement
UALR College of Education
UALR/English Dept
Wal-Mart No 124
Simmons Bank
Longley Baptist Church

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Parents are strongly encouraged to read the attached letter from Supt. Mike Poore and take a survey about High Reliability Schools. Mr. Poore’s letter explains more about High Reliability Schools and shares why your feedback is important.

The survey may be accessed directly, using this link:

Meantime, the letter from Supt. Poore in pdf form, with a live link to the survey is shared below in English and Spanish.

Mr. Poore's letter with survey link in English

En Español 

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  If you have any questions, please contact McClellan High School for assistance at 447-2100.