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1000 East Roosevelt Street
Little Rock AR 72206

Fax: 501-447-3101

Principal:  Keith McGee 
Enrollment: 850
PTSA President: Kyna Mallett
Grade Levels: 6-8 

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Horace Mann Arts and Science Magnet Middle School offers a unique experience for students, parents and teachers. The student population consists of students from all three local school districts. This allows Mann students to develop friendships beyond their own neighborhood. Students choose Mann because of its high academic standards and their interest in the arts or science program. There are many opportunities that enhance these areas of study. The arts and science program at Mann promotes an appreciation of individual interests and abilities and creates an atmosphere where students become motivated learners.

Mann highlights include an early morning tutorial program, school newspaper and yearbook, programs for personal and social development of students, student incentives, Math Counts, Quiz Bowl, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, science field trips, and specialty area performances such as dance and orchestra. Students in the science track participate in a curriculum including English, science, mathematics and social studies. In addition, science students at all levels take a full year laboratory science class.

Each student is required to complete a research project each year, including a display at the annual science fair in early March.

Students focusing in the arts take English, science, mathematics and social studies, and also participate in courses appropriate to their selected area of concentration: visual arts, drama, dance or music (including band, orchestra, piano or choral music).


Mann Middle School doesn't require students to wear uniforms.  However, students are required to follow all LRSD dress-code guidelines.  Some examples of inappropriate dress are as follows:

  • sagging pants

  • wearing athletic appearal outside of gym class

  • jeans with holes/tears

  • spaghetti-strapped blouses

  • sleeveless shirts

  • hoodies are not to be worn inside hallways and classrooms

  • open-toed shoes

  • t-shirts that contain offensive or inappropriate graphics or logos

  • sunglasses are not to be worn inside hallways and classrooms

  • bare midriffs

  • hats are not to be worn on campus during school hours

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Go Green! Horace Mann Middle School supports programs that educate students on how to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Partners in Education:

  • Heifer International
  • P.A.R.K.