A History of our School

Published by terri.phillips on Thu, 10/24/2013 - 09:01

In the year 1908,in a small brick store at the corner of Prospect and Oak street,the Pulaski Heights opened accommodating children scattered through the woods here and there as far as Forest Park. During the first year, Lydia Dice sold to Little Rock School District School Board five acres of Land for a very small sum, as she was interested in the welfare of the children in the community.

In the Spring of 1909 a four room building was erected. The building was
practically in the woods. There was an enrollment of 100 children and required two teachers, Mrs. Sevier and Mrs. Brooks. By 1915 the community was more populated, and through the efforts of G. T. Huckaby, the principal, the enrollment increased and three portable buildings were added. In 1918, a committee went to the school board with the request that a new building be built.

In 1921 the present school was built and opened, accommodating junior and
grammar school students. The school board transferred Mr. Huckaby to Mitchell School and Placed CF Allen as principal. Mr. Allen served three terms as principal. His motto was "Make it not only so plain that it can be understood, but so plain that it cannot be misunderstood." Mr. Allen also developed a method for teaching spelling that individualized the work of each
student. He advocated teaching only what a student did not know;
this method was published in the Allen Spelling Tablet. At the end of the third term, Mr. Huckaby returned as principal.(September, 1922)