Gifted and Talented Program

Published by Dunbar on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 10:31

Dunbar Magnet Middle School serves as the center for gifted education in the Little Rock School District. Dunbar’s Gifted and Talented Program is LRSD’s only learning and research center specifically designed for high-ability learners.  The GT Program features breadth and depth in core subjects while stressing creativity, risk-taking, curiosity, and imagination. Dunbar’s GT Program is aligned with the National Association for Gifted Children’s standards for teaching excellence. Accordingly, the curriculum is differentiated to accommodate different learning needs and styles, and is delivered by a caring and well-trained staff. Nearly one-third of Dunbar’s student population is enrolled in the GT Program.

Dunbar Spelling Bee Winners

  • 1st Place: Jana Jackson- 8th Grade GT
  • 2nd Place: Adain Luckadue- 7th Grade GT
  • 3rd Place: John Hill-6th Grade GT
  • 4th Place/Honorable Mention: Becket O’Brien-8th Grade GT

Dunbar’s GT Specialists specialize in teaching methods that engage learners, incorporate higher-order thinking skills, and offer tiered levels of complex learning. Dunbar also offers electives specifically designed for Dunbar’s gifted students, such as GT Seminar, Broadcast Journalism, Spanish, French, and German. Our G/T Coordinator, Dr. Kimberly Brown, and her team not only provide rigorous classroom instruction, but a variety on enriching activities for GT students to participate in as well.

Gifted and Talented Talking Points

  • Project Based Learning (PBLs)
  • Destination Imagination (DI)
  • Youth Entrepreneur Showcase (Y.E.S.) Competition
  • Quiz Bowl
  • National Geographic Bee
  • Science Fair
  • Scripps Spelling Bee
  • Duke University Talent Identification Program
  • World Fest
  • Math Olympiad
  • Arkansas Mathletes Competition
  • UALR Shakespeare Scene Festival
  • Heifer Project Curriculum


Close -Up in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City

For 40 years, the Close-Up Foundation has committed to promoting civic education by providing students a wonderful opportunity to gain a meaningful understanding of American democracy through well-long study visits to Washington, D.C. This program is open to all GT students and is an excellent differentiated educational experience. Mr. Donterio Porter is the coordinator of the Close-Up Program.

Traveling Abroad

This school year Mr. Donterio Porter and Mrs. Robin Kratzke will travel abroad with a group of students to Europe to experience the culture, language, food, and customs of the Europeans, with emphasis on Spain. Student will travel during the month of May.