Gibbs Magnet Elementary

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1115 West 16th Street
Little Rock AR 72202

Fax: 501-447-4901

Principal: Tina Greenwood
Enrollment: 297

Grade Levels: Pre-K-5 



PTA Staff

  • Tongela Allen – PTA President
  • Jamie Alverson – PTA Vice-President
  • Candace Boykin – PTA Treasurer
  • Andrea Butler – PTA Secretary

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International Studies

STUDENTS EXPLORE THE WORLD AT GIBBS!  They learn about other nations and cultures through the study of geography and the universals of culture. Each classroom represents a nation which the students study and compare to the United States.  An Ambassador from each classroom nation participates in the Gibbs Mini United Nations complete with an elected fifth grade Secretary General.  The Mini UN sponsors a 9/11 service project through the Ozark Water Project, an International Food Day Cereal Drive, a Giving Tree non-perishable food drive, and an Earth Day Awareness Parade., Each fourth and fifth grader participates in the Geography Bee sponsored by the National Geographic Society.   An annual school-wide cultural theme connects all the classrooms across the curriculum.  The theme for the 2018-2019 school year is "LEADERSHIP"   Students are learning about leadership traits that will enable them to become good leaders in their schools and communities.

The overarching ideas we want students to fully comprehend with the theme of LEADERSHIP are:

  1. All people can become good leaders by developing and exhibiting good leadership traits which will benefit students in college and careers.
  2. World language skills enhance your education, community service experiences, career opportunities, as well as your leadership ability.
  3. Successful participation in a culturally diverse setting is an important life skill for good leaders!

Leadership Traits

(August) A good leader demonstrates respect and civic responsibility.

(September)  A good leader promotes peacefulness and diversity.

(October) A good leader displays courage.

November) A good leader shows compassion and hope.

(December) A good leader demonstrates altruism and sacrifice.

(January) A good leader exhibits perseverance.

(February) A good leader provides service.

(March)  A good leader reveals integrity and honor.

(April) A good leader teaches global citizenship.

(May) A good leader shows appreciation and cooperation.

The school mascot is the endangered Snow Leopard.  The school colors are blue and green, the colors of Earth from space.

World Languages

Beginning in kindergarten, students are placed in one of three world languages (French, German and Spanish) for their six-year study at Gibbs.  The world language classes meet daily for thirty-minutes.  The three world language teachers use a variety of methods for teaching their K-5 students, such as “total physical response,” storytelling, competitions, celebrations, and other cultural experiences. The goals are for exiting fifth graders to achieve novice-high to intermediate-low in speaking the language and a mastery of cultural understanding and empathy.  This year the World Languages program is adding a World Cultures Club.

Beginning in kindergarten, students select one from among three foreign languages (French, German and Spanish) for their study at Gibbs.  The foreign language class is daily for thirty-minutes.  The three foreign language teachers strive for exiting fifth graders achieve novice-high to intermediate-low in speaking the language and a mastery of cultural understanding and empathy.    

Strong Academic Expectations

Major goals for Gibbs include improving literacy and math skills. Benchmarks are achieved in all the core disciplines: language arts, math, science, and social studies.  Gibbs also features the Arkansas Comprehensive Literacy Model. A reading teacher and an instructional facilitator work with classroom teachers to ensure the success of every student.  

Specialty Classes

Gibbs has a variety of specialty classes to add to its international appeal. Students have weekly classes in art, music, physical education, computer technology and counseling. Each student has the opportunity to perform in an original musical, to enter artwork in annual competitions and to participate in physical fitness opportunities.

Every student takes classes at the Gibbs-Dunbar Community Garden to learn organic gardening and how to take care of chickens, turkeys, and sometimes goats. Gibbs also offers reading classes, gifted and resource classes, and access to two libraries, the school library and a public library. Gibbs Magnet School is part of a learning community located near downtown Little Rock (west of Chester Street and north of Wright Avenue) that includes Dunbar Middle School, Dunbar Field with the Dr. King Freedom Trail, Dunbar Recreation Center and Gymnasium, Dunbar Community Garden, and the Sue Cowan Williams Public Library.

History:  Gibbs Elementary School was built in 1952. The school is named for Mifflin Wistar Gibbs who was the first African American to be elected municipal court judge in the United States. Judge Gibbs was also a successful businessman who lived in this area of Little Rock. This building replaced an older school of the same name located near this same site.

In 1987, Gibbs Elementary vacated its staff and student populations to become the first international studies/foreign languages magnet school in the state. Gibbs Magnet School of International Studies and Foreign Languages has been in operation since the 1987-88 school year.

This magnet school does not have an attendance zone, but it attracts students from all over Little Rock. In November 1992, then-governor Bill Clinton visited Gibbs on his first presidential election day. He again visited Gibbs in April 1994 to give his weekly radio address in front of Gibbs students in the Media Center. In 1996, the faculty, students, and LRSD Board voted to rename the Gibbs Library for William Jefferson Clinton.  In 2016, the Gibbs community worked together to see their school ‘s namesake, Judge Mifflin Wistar Gibbs, inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame.

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College and Career Readiness and Practice Standards:

Directions to Gibbs:  From I-40 take either I-430 or I-30 to I-630.  From I-630 take the Chester Street exit and turn south (away from downtown).  At the light at Chester and Daisy Bates (formerly 14th Street) turn right onto Daisy Bates.  Go two blocks west.  Turn left on Cross Street.  Go two blocks to West 16th Street and turn left.  Gibbs Magnet School of International Studies and Foreign Languages is on your right-hand side, the first red brick building. Parking is located just east of the building.


There is no uniform policy because, at Gibbs, we celebrate diversity, not uniformity.

Partners in Education:

  • Heifer International

  • Dunbar Community Garden

  • AR Teacher Retirement System

  • Lion of Judah Church of God in Christ


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