Franklin Home

Published by jackbgarvey on Fri, 06/28/2013 - 10:01

1701 South Harrison Street
Little Rock AR 72204

Fax: 501-447-4601

Principal: Lori Brown
Enrollment: 440
Grade Levels: pre-K-5 

Effective Model Classrooms utilizing the Balanced Literacy Program (K-3)
Award-winning art program
Strong, caring, well-trained staff
Excellent school climate
Centrally located close to; UALR, LR Zoo, LR Art Center, Penick Boys & Girls Club, hospitals, restaurants and more.

The staff embraces the Superintendent's vision and works daily to make a significant contribution.

History: Franklin was constructed in 1949. It was named Benjamin Franklin Elementary School after a great inventor, scientist and author. The land area consisted of 10 acres. The enrollment was approximately 400 students. Franklin’s facility housed adequate classrooms with modern features, excluding the auditorium and gymnasium. The first principal was Mrs. Opal Middleton.


Red, white, or navy blouse or shirts. Navy or khaki pants, shorts, skirt or jumper. Belts required if pants have loops. Shoes, students' choice.

Partners in Education:

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken - 12th Street

  • Fellowship Bible Church

  • UALR Children International