Franklin Home

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1701 South Harrison Street
Little Rock AR 72204

Fax: 501-447-4601

Principal: Lori Brown
Enrollment: 251
Grade Levels: K-5 

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Welcome to Franklin Elementary!

Here at Franklin Elementary, we are the F.A.L.C.O.N.S!
Focused, Active Learners who are Confident, Optimistic, and Notoriously Successful

Franklin Elementary is more than just a school! We are a community school. Franklin is a place where children come to grow, learn, be challenged, and be healthy. With an onsite Arkansas Children's Hospital health clinic, three onsite mental health providers, and a staff full of hard working caregivers, we are prepared to service all children in our community to the fullest extent possible. With the help of business partners and the support of community organizations, we provide the best education for each individual. At Franklin, we believe in teaching the whole child. We believe that children have many basic needs, and that those needs should be met in order to give every growing person their best chance to learn. Come check us out at Franklin, where we always do our very best.

Interested in helping to save Franklin Elementary? Contact our Parent Coordinator to find out what you can do to help us continue the Falcon legacy. Our staff and parents support Franklin, will you?

The staff embraces the Superintendent's vision and works daily to make a significant contribution.

History: Franklin was constructed in 1949. It was named Benjamin Franklin Elementary School after a great inventor, scientist and author. The land area consisted of 10 acres. The first principal was Mrs. Opal Middleton.


Red, white, or navy blouse or shirts. Navy or khaki pants, shorts, skirt or jumper. Belts required if pants have loops. Shoes, students' choice.

Partners in Education:

  • St. Mark Baptist Church

  • McDonalds - University

  • Fellowship Bible Church

  • UALR Children International