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5901 Evergreen Drive

Little Rock AR 72205


Fax: 501-447-2701
Principal: Connie Green 
Enrollment: 676
PTSA President: Tiffany Davault
Grade Levels: 6-8 

Forest Heights STEM Academy

A Message from the Principal

Forest Heights Middle School (FHMS) is located in a quiet community, "The Heights."  Our school, which was originally built in 1953, has been transformed with five million dollars worth of construction.  Two of the four wings of the school were opened in 2008 and 2009.  Our facilities are the best Little Rock has to offer. 

Students at FHMS have the opportunity to advance in their core subject areas with ninety minute block scheduling.  The school's wheel program allows students to get a  feel for  related arts classes such as French, Spanish, art, physical education, choir, he Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) program, career orientation, band and technology classes (keyboarding and computer applications).  Technology is embraced at FHMS; every core classroom is equipped with a Smart Board. 

Teachers in all grade levels work as teams. They have a common planning period and meet twice a week to collaborate.  Students feel a sense of community because they  have the continuity that exists when a group of students have several classes together.  Rituals and routines have been designed to create consistency among all classrooms.

The staff is continually working on their professional development.  Many of the teachers at FHMS hold advanced degrees in their subject area.  Since 2009, test scores in all subject areas have been on the rise.



Forest Heights Middle School began as Forest Heights Junior High School in September of 1955 as part of the Little Rock School District with grades 7 thru 9. At that time University Avenue was Hayes Street and Forest Heights was considered to be on the western side of Little Rock.


Currently, a uniform is not required.  Please refer to the LRSD Student Handbook for the appropriate dress code. 

Partners in Education:
  • St. Vincent Health System
  • P.A.R.K.