Edline Activation Instructions

Published by Dunbar on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 09:37


In order for STUDENTS or PARENTS/GUARDIANS to activate their EDLINE Accounts:

1. Receive a printed sheet of paper with your activation code printed on it (from any one of your teachers or Ms. Rowe)- example of code: Family of Jane Doe- WJDD-PUMU-TFQQ

2. Open the Internet (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, etc.)

3. Type in www.edline.net in the browser bar

4. Click on the green Click Here to sign up link, located under the words Sign Up.

5. Type in your activation code just as you see it in ALL CAPS with the hyphens (-)

6. Press Enter

7. It Looks Like the same screen appears, however notice your name or student’s name appear below the second line.

8. Click “Activate this Account”

9. Read the Agreement and click “I Agree” if you agree

10. At the next screen click on “New Account” unless you have already activated accounts for other students then you can click on “Combine Accounts”

11. You will now make up a screen name (this is a National Database, so you will need to use something unique, but something you can remember. Example First name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and a number, no spaces or punctuation marks)

12. Now enter a Password that you will remember. At least 4 characters

13. Enter a Security Question and Answer

14. Click the “Continue” Button at the bottom of the screen

15. On the email screen choose “YES” and “YES” to receive an email whenever your teacher updates your edline pages.

16. Enter your complete e-mail address (this will allow you to retrieve your screen name and password if you forget)

17. Click “Update”

18. Now click Done at the top of the Edline Screen

19. Note: Parents have to click on a student name under Shortcuts before seeing classes on the left side of the screen under My Classes and Shortcuts

20. Click on of your Students Classes

21. On the right side under contents you will find reports for your students usually named something like “Sent 10/12/12” Click on the report to view it.

22. If you do not see a report for that class you are welcome to call or email that teacher. At the bottom of each class page there is a link to send an email to the teacher.

23. Be sure to logo out when you finish

24. Once you have a screen name and password, you may access edline any where there is an internet connection, by going to www.edline.net and entering your user name and password.