Dodd Elementary School

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6423 Stagecoach Road
Little Rock AR 72204
Fax: 501-447-4301 w

Principal: Iciphine Jones
Enrollment: 363
PTA President: Cathy Crotts
Grade Levels: P3-5th

At David O. Dodd Elementary we offer an exciting and nurturing environment that is conducive to student learning.  We provide innovative technology programs and an extraordinary literacy program. Your child will learn how to use desktop publishing to create projects, use the latest software to enhance learning and access the Internet to research topics.  Our literacy program includes a Reading Recovery Specialist, Arkansas Reading First Literacy Coach, Intermediate Literacy Coach, and small group instruction in literacy.  We use investigations strategies with the recent adoption of our new math and science textbooks.  We also use the Every Day Counts Calendar Math program and have a Lead Math Teacher.

School Calendar and Events:
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Features and Programs:

  • After school intervention program staffed by certified teachers
  • Before and after school CARE Program
  • Accelerated Reader Program
  • Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
  • ELLA trained teachers in Pre Kindergarten through 1st grade
  • Effective Literacy Trained teachers in 2nd-4th grade
  • Technology integration
  • Gifted and Talented Program
  • Arts-On-Tour Program
  • Four Year Old (Pre-K) Program
  • ESL trained staff at each grade level
  • Choir and Band Program
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Literacy Team Collaboration
  • Technology Team Collaboration
  • Levelized Books for Individual Instruction
  • Writer's Workshop
  • 60 Neo 2 Keyboards
  • Computers in every classroom
  • Computer lab that offers Software Applications including: Compass Odyssey, KidPix, PowerPoint, Publisher, Kidspiration, Inspiration, Graph Club, Graph Master, MS Word, Amazing Writing Machine
  • SmartBoard and Smart Table Technology
  • Internet Access and On-Line Subscription Service for World Book Encyclopedia and EBSCO in the media center and classrooms
  • Technology Ambassadors
  • Two UALR/LRSD Certified Information Technology Cyberteachers

Awards and Honors

  • First Place in LRSD Quiz Bowl Finals
  • EDS Technology Grant Recipient
  • Public Education Foundation Grant Recipient
  • Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant Recipient
  • RIF Federal Matching Grant Recipient
  • Small Site State Champion in the 2002
  • RIF Community Reading Challenge
  • Teacher awards include: Lions Club Teacher Recognition Award, ViPS Elementary Teacher of the Year, U.S. Department of Education Teacher Quality Award and three teachers with National Board for Professional Teaching
  • Little Rock Teacher of the Year recipient


The school Dodd was named for David O. Dodd, a young man who was born in 1846, in Victoria, Texas. Dodd's family moved to Little Rock, in 1861. The following year, Dodd's father joined the Confederate Army, while he went to work for a telegraph office at the age of sixteen. In 1863, Union soldiers occupied Little Rock, Dodd's family was moved to Camden.

He came back to handle some family business and on the way back to Camden Dodd was stopped by Union officers. He was arrested because he was found with papers and a memo book containing telegraph code characters of the Federal positions, numbers, and armament. He was tried and convicted and on January 31, 1863, David O. Dodd, was executed. The 17-year old had been told by General Fredrick Steele that if he told where he got the information he would be set free. Instead he died.

David O. Dodd Elementary School stands on land that was once a part of Washington Dodd's Farm. There is a stone marker on the school grounds, believed to be the place where he was captured. It was erected by the David O. Dodd Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and is dedicated to "Arkansas' Boy Hero of the War Between the States."


  • Navy, light blue, red, pale yellow, or white shirts. Navy or light blue cardigan, V-neck, or pullover (worn with shirt with collar).
  • Navy or khaki including split skirt or shorts.
  • Standard jumper in navy or light blue, plaid or khaki, black or tennis shoes (no sandals). Socks required; dark blue or white.
  • Students may wear a spirit shirt and jeans each Friday

Partners in Education:

  • US Probation & Pretrial Services Office
  • Little Rock Church
  • Stagecoach Grocery & Deli
  • Transamerica Worksite Marketing
  • Woodridge Estates Neighborhood Association
  • Life Skills for Youth
  • Oak Park Church
  • Metropolitan National Bank - Colonel Glenn Branch
  • Castle on Stagecoach