Core Values

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  1.  For academic success, children need:
  • Differentiated instruction to meet individual needs
  • Meaningful and engaging lessons
  • Qualified and knowledgeable teachers
  • High expectations
  • Positive and caring atmosphere
  • Respectful environment
  1. As a parent, I would want my child’s school to:

·         Provide open and frequent communication

·         Develop the whole child academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

·         Meet children’s needs and challenge them to go further

·         Provide resources and strategies


  1. As a team, our staff should:

·         Always put the children first

·         Be a community of collaborative professionals working toward a common goal

·         Respect and value opinions and differences of others

·         Organize and prepare for optimal learning

·         Strive to be life-long learners

  1. We will know we have been successful when our students:

·         Show academic, social, technological, physical and emotional growth

·         Have awareness beyond themselves

·         Are successful readers, writers and mathematicians

·         Develop a healthy lifestyle

·         Become productive citizens contributing to their community


Western Hills



Western Hills Elementary learning community is committed to all students achieving high academic and behavioral standards.  The students will receive differentiated, meaningful, and engaging instruction delivered by qualified and knowledgeable teachers.  Our learning community will have an atmosphere that is caring and positive in a respectful environment   that supports high expectations of our staff, students, and parents.

Parents and other community members will be included as a vital part of our school.  Resources and strategies will be provided for the parents with frequent, open communication.  As a team we will develop our students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically while meeting their needs and encouraging them to uphold high standards for themselves.

Western Hill’s staff will be a community of collaborative professionals working together for a common goal. We will be prepared and organized for optimal learning while striving to be life-long learners.  We will be respectful of each other, valuing and learning from our differences, and celebrating our successes.  Our students will remain our top priority. 

We will know we are succeeding when our students exhibit academic, social, emotional, technological and physical growth.   Not only will they become successful readers, writers and mathematicians; but they will also choose to become life-long learners who have an appreciation for the liberal arts. They will be knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition and physical fitness and strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Our ultimate goal is that our students have social, moral and ethical awareness beyond themselves; leading them to become responsible, productive citizens and leaders who will contribute in a positive way to society.




The Western Hills community will provide a nurturing environment committed to maintaining high expectations for all students.  Staff members and parents will work together to promote academic, social, emotional, technological and physical success.   Our goal is to foster a social, moral, and ethical awareness in our students leading them to become responsible, productive citizens and leaders in our society.



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