Brady Brag Sheet

Published by Brady on Thu, 06/20/2013 - 09:38


For the 2012- 2013 school year,
Brady Elementary was recognized for the following:


  • Being ONE of the SIX ACHIEVING Little Rock School District School (LRSD)!

  • ONE of the FIVE LRSD schools to make double-digit gains in both math and literacy over the last two years!

  • Ranked #4 in literacy and #6 in math for the largest increase in the number of studetns in the advanced category!

  • Among the top 5 elementary schools in proficiency and growth in 2nd grade literacy and math!

  • Had the 3rd highest growth in 5th grade math among LRSD elementary schools.

  • The ONLY Focus School to exit the school improvement list!

  • One of only two schools in LRSD to EVER be removed from the school improvement list! 

  • Over 3/4 of all students in literacy and almost 2/3 in math were proficient or advanced on the 2013 benchmak exam!


 VIPS Award '60+ Volunteer Hours"

 Thea Foundation Award


        BRADY STAFF: 

                   Tyrone Harris, Principal

Mary Jones, Office Manager

19 Certified Classroom Teachers: Bevery Cook, Tommy Smith, Diana Rodriguez, Lindsey Ringgold, Brenda Butler, Yolanda Beals, Irma Tolbert, Adrienne Gray, Linda Umerah, Rosemary Rogers, Justin Harris, Delma Johnson, Amber Allison, Shelly Oliver, Brooke Moore, Tammie Rhea Bullock, Tasha Shumate, Laronda Murry, Samantha Porter

                        Yolanda Shelton, Guidance Counselor 

                   Mary Lawson, Literacy Coach

Dr. Maryscott Glasgow, Math Coach

Dr. Kimberly Brown, Gifted and Talented Teacher
Lisa Poteet, Speech-Language Pathologist
Melissa Whitwell, Resource Teacher

Craig Winters,Occupational Therapist

  1 Physical Educational Coach  

  1 Art Specialist

  1 Music Specialist

  1 Media Specialist

  1 Licensed Nurse

11 Paraprofessionals